Universal tolerance organization's conference

I have had the honor to receive the "Freedom of expression" cartoon award, to meet great people, and to give a speech at UTO's conference at  Drammen, Norway.

This conference was special in many ways. Firstly, the unique gathering of world's experts regarding extremism and tolerance (economists, journalists, politicians, activists)  - the quality of the speeches, presentations and panels  was truly excellent, thought provoking and inspirational, I had a real privilege to have had the experience of listening to all of these unusual people (Take a look here) 
Secondly, the remarkable award UTO Produced for the event - a replica of the Cyrus cylinder (link) as a symbol of freedom, respect for different people and different faiths, and the right of jews to return to Jerusalem (Shivat Zion). 
and Thirdlythe warm welcome I was received with, that made me forget I was a visitor.

To Mohammad and Fereshte Mostafaei, To Maryam Fagihimani and to all who have contributed to this important event, my humble and sincere thanks. it was a great privilege for me to meet you all.

Avital Alter

Above - photo  by Universal Tolerance Organization
Below - photo by Beate H. Mikkelse

Maryam Fagihimani introducing the first human right charter:

(My speech) Artists as critics in a world of extremism: